Monday, April 13, 2009


Engineers practicing (Malaysia) engineering must register with Board of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM) in order to acknowledge their experience when certifying the engineers to be professional engineer. The number or years acknowledged by BEM is the year started from the date registered with them. In order to certify an engineer as professional engineer, the engineer must have at least three years experience (acknowledged by BEM).

People might wonder if BEM is the one giving certification for professional engineer, what goes with Institutions of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM). So, the main difference between these two is that IEM is learning organization for engineers. In order to get privileges from IEM, an engineer need to register to be member first and there are a lot of membership types. Engineers need to register to be graduate member to start getting privileges in term of trainings, industry exposure, etc. Differ from BEM, IEM recognize experience from the graduation date.

In order to upgrade the membership from graduate member to member, the engineer needs to practice engineering work which consists of design, site, project management, etc for at least three years. The work was done by the engineer must be supervised by an engineer that member of IEM (MIEM). So, this supervision can go in two different ways; direct supervision if the engineer (MIEM) and graduate engineer in one organization and indirect supervision by mentoring scheme or log book scheme. After practicing minimum three years of working experience from the date of graduation, the graduate engineer can apply for professional interview (PI) in order to upgrade the membership to MIEM. Then, engineer with MIEM can apply for professional engineer with BEM if the number of years experience meeting minimum three years requirement.


  1. Cool blog. Who says blog is just a light reading material? Well, your blog proved otherwise!

  2. I have some questions for you. However, let me tell you my background first. I am graduating soon with Petroleum Eng. degree and will be working with a prominent oil and gas company in a few months. I am a member's of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).
    1) Should I register with IEM/BEM although I am registered to SPE?
    2) If yes, to whom should I register? IEM or BEM? What are the difference of IEM and BEM?
    3) How does one get the title Ir.?
    Looking forward for your reply :)

  3. Kenny,
    1. Yes you should.
    2. Both. BEM then to IEM.
    3. BEM will certify you as Ir. or PE if you are practising your engineering.

  4. May i ask what is the relationship between BEM and IEM?

  5. which one do i pursue first?
    BEM or IEM?
    Fyi i've registered in BEM as graduate engineer, am about to register their mandatory classes, suddenly the idea of IEM came by.

    so should i continue first with BEM and then after completes the mandatory classes only register IEM?

    1. BEM is the regulated body. so, you have to register with BEM as graduate engineer and collect three year working experience to register as professional engineer. IEM is a learning institute. It is encourage you to join IEM as a graduate member to gain your knowledge in your own discipline. Both IEM and BEM conduct professional interview which is called Professional Assessment Exam (PAE) in BEM and Professional Interview(PI) in IEM. you can choose either one. Pass your PI in IEM you will transfer your graduate member to Member of IEM (MIEM) and convert your graduate engineer in BEM to Professional Engineer and your get Ir. Title. If you pursue PAE in BEM, you will get Ir. directly. but you don't have membership in IEM. However, you can also apply you member in IEM using your professional Eng. certificate endorsed by BEM. After you get both you can put your name in your name card as Ir. Mohamad P.Eng MIEM.

  6. Hi there !! My company is looking to include Drilling as one of the recognized profession in the IEM/BEM dropdown list. Our engineers are a mixture of Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical, Chemical degrees. Can you advise for us to materialise this?

  7. Hi whats the dufferent between IR and PE?

  8. I am an experienced engineer with a certification as Professional Engineer in Canada and a certification as European Engineer. I am residing in Malaysia almost two years. From what I understand, to get registered as Professional Engineer in Malaysia, I need first to be registered as Graduate Engineer. My question: Is there a possibility to directly apply for registration as Professional Engineer without first registering as Graduate Engineer?

  9. No way, u must registered as Graduate Engineer then after some training for experiences then you proceed to Professional Engineer. Ir is the title you will get when u are certified and recognised as Professional Engineer (PE).