Sunday, April 19, 2009

Inspection – Preparation

Here are some guidelines on preparing prior to inspection mainly those engineers are considered young engineers. Experienced engineer would know what to be asked or recorded during the inspection and obviously know what to prepare prior to inspection visit in site.

An engineer need to know what the equipment to be inspected obviously and any related documents to the equipments need to be brought. This is crucial because to have some understanding of the inspection process. One of the main documents that need to be brought while in site is obviously are drawings. Drawings like process flow diagram, (PFD), piping and instrumentation diagram, (P&ID), isometric drawing, and assembly drawing are really important while conducting inspection. This is because of the identity of the equipments, layouts, etc are provided in drawings. So, it would give the some idea on the internals of the equipment such as baffles, wire-meshed, inlet device, etc.
Sometime most of the preparations are done perfectly but still sometime there is a circumstance where the major license that need to have forgotten to take which is confined space entry permit. This sometime would cause unnecessary delay to overall project deliverables. This mainly happens for those had conducted any inspection during last turn-around and thought that there’s still valid but unfortunately it is already expired. So, it is advisable to cover this requirement as a part of checklist and put it as first priority.

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