Monday, November 30, 2009

Simulation Software

Why do we need simulation software? Simulation softwares always consider the ideal condition, whereby in the real world, there is no such word of ideal condition. There must be some disturbances that affecting the system which cannot perform as it is. There are some people from non-engineering background but technical people always say this to most of the engineers. "We do the real thing in lab but you all only develop the model in the simulation softwares, how true it is?", this is some of queries (in proper manner) that non-engineering but technical people always say that to us, engineers. So, where are we stand at? Nod their statement? Or argue with them? Let us think to answer this.


  1. We need this simulation software to estimate any values related to engineering output as input together with experience to enhance to develop the model which later will end up with designing the equipments.