Sunday, December 27, 2009

Glycol Package

What is the real function of glycol package? Why do we need this? Is that necessary to have this? Where it is located? Onshore? Offshore? What are the parameters that actually affect the performance of the glycol package which consists of glycol contactors and it's glycol regeneration skid? What do we expect if the feed conditions change in term of the performance of overall of glycol package? What should we do in order to get the optimum performance? When talk about performance, what are the parameters actually can be measured in order to get optimum performance? Which area that can be studied further if there is change in feed condition? What is the benchmark when do the optimisation?
There are lot of questions that can be raised for only simple package (I would say) compared to any other process technologies. Some people might say that first couple of questions is very fundamental relative to oil and gas industry. However, we should bear in mind that there might be some people never came accross in this glycol package before. Sometime different discipline might not really aware of this since they concern might be same regardless of the operation.
Overall picture of this glycol package can be read from GPSA section 20. However, those interested with the topic in surface and want to via this article and comment. You can do so. Experienced guys are welcomed to share their experience during designing or operation of this glycol package and very much appreciated.