Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Resume Writing

Hi fellow my blog readers, I’m extremely sorry for the idling time for couple of years in my blog. Inshaa ALLAH, god willing I’ll make busy writing again my blog to share my experience when dealing with projects and issuing related documents for process engineering deliverables in oil and gas industry.

Besides sharing experience on lesson learnt while executing the projects, I may also write about career development for engineers especially for Chemical / Process Engineers. The articles may cover on Board of Engineers, Malaysia (BEM), Institute of Engineer, Malaysia (IEM), Institute of Chemical Engineers, UK (IChemE), and other relevant body. You may see as well about activity in IEM and IChemE which are held on daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and occasion basis.

Very recent activity in Chemical Engineering Technical Division, CETD (IEM) is Design Competition among university students in Malaysia. Besides promoting this event I would say that we committee members still looking for panels to evaluate the reports and judge during final presentation. Kindly have a look on the details and let me know any queries by leaving comment or contact direct the secretariat.

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