Monday, February 23, 2009

What is RON?

The moment any of us heard the name of “RON” sounds like somebody’s name, Ron or any Hollywood hero’s name. It’s normal for anyone to classify it as anything since most of the time most of the people not aware of the jargon in this flattened world. In this article, RON is a jargon in oil and gas industry generally and in refinery industry specifically. However, no one has to quit from reading this article as though of that it is not relevant since they are not in oil and gas industry. This article gives some knowledge on the application of RON in petrol station as highlighted recently regard to fuel price. As a non oil and gas personnel, you will have better understanding to choose fuel among RON 92, RON 95, or RON 97.

“RON” itself is defined as Research Octane Number which is done in laboratory for specification of the fuel for motorcar. The RON affects the performance of any car through the combustion which is called ignition knocking, higher the RON lower the ignition knocking. Usually all the cars manufactured so far will collaborate with oil company when designing the engine so that it is compatible with the fuel that being supplied in that nation. So, most of the car has the compatibility or it’s designed it for RON 95. It tells that only fuel that can be used is that RON 95 and above. Sometime, in some countries, there is no fuel with RON 95, only RON 92 and RON 97. So, the only choice that we have is to pump in fuel with RON 97 which is slightly costly but would impact for frequent users. So, for those really aware on this issue and willing to blend it on his/her own will buy 50% of RON 92 and 50% of RON 97 to make it RON 95. However, it can be a mess for those really needs to fast to lift and put the nozzle the nozzle. So, as there will be introduction of fuel with RON 95 and it will be beneficiary for us. However, the compatibility of the engine on the RON can be seen at the cover of the tank for most of the cars. If you couldn’t find it, it must be written in the manual. So, it is not necessary to still pump in with RON 97 if your car is compatible with RON 95. There will be better if your car is designed with RON 92, and then go for it. Always bear in mind that the most expensive is not necessarily the best product but the most compatible will be the best product to be chosen. CHOOSE WISELY AND SAVE YOUR MONEY!

So, what you are waiting for, you not necessarily to wait until implementation of RON 95 in petrol station in your area but you could do it on your own since it is being practiced by most of the frequent drivers. This is because the saving can be up to 20%. People might ask also why is that fuel with higher RON is more expensive than the lesser. There are reasons behind all these since it requires more chemical processes than usual refining of crude oil or condensate. This is very costly because of the catalysts involve are really expensive and require regeneration or change to new after certain life cycle

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