Wednesday, September 2, 2009

RON 95 & RON 97

This newly introduced petrol with RON 95 has been launched recently to most of petrol station. It is not saying that RON 97 is not supplied to petrol station but as higher premium product which initially was only non-premium petrol. So, it is obvious that there is no any specific reason why it is classified as premium petrol but only because of the lower RON is introduced. People might question about premium petrol was sold when RON 97 was sold as non-premium petrol. The only thing is that about the quality of the product which requires more operating cost to produce it. Besides, people might wonder also why suddenly the price of RON 95 was increased by five cents compared to RON 97 when it was sold as non-premium petrol.

There is also some news polls by voting three categories such as comfort level of using RON 95 compared to RON 97. Some of them even don’t mind using RON 97 with increase of 25 cents which looks very small amount but cumulatively very huge. Interested people can refer to the poll result at Some of them even simply not comfortable with using RON 95 with no basis. What really makes difference in determining the level of comfort to choose either RON 95 or RON 97? Is it because of lack of knowledge in term of RON content in petrol? If so, why not conduct some quick research on it by referring to the car’s manual and the history of RON.

This is not something to blame the public but knowledge accessibility about the fact that RON 95 is good enough as long meeting the specification described in the manual. This is not something not aware by public only but also by authority that introducing all those RON 95 which they themselves don’t have basis why it is introduced and what actually term premium petrol stands for. It’s again very important to know the basis when finalizing any decision especially when purchasing something.

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