Saturday, May 7, 2011

Air System

Here is something interesting to discuss on how to design air system in term it's capacity. It's basically on how to determine user's consumption. Users can be continuous users and intermittent users. Continuous users easily can be estimated since these users are consume continuously and no need to consider on oversizing the air system. However, there is some confusion in intermittent users. There are two different approaches in estimating the consumption for these users when designing air compressors. This intermittent users also classified as dynamic users sometimes. The first approach is by putting some weightage to the different users in percentage which will give lower consumption per unit user; it shows that the consumption is not fully utilized all the time. The second approach is by taking three single largest users without multiplying with any weightage. This is something very hard to clarify because of the subjectiveness. Lastly, any comments or criticisms are most welcome for our all understanding improvement.

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