Thursday, March 12, 2009

Design HX

Simulation tools always need the physical properties to define the stream or to conduct the study on any particular issue. This is crucial because of the Mother Nature to have some identification as human being as well. This principal goes same to anything and everywhere; if you are employee you must have ID number which is your identification in that organization. Generally categorization is needed when dealing with anything and characteristics of the stream needs either specifically.

In previous article on Oil Characterization, there were some key points highlighted when characterizing the crude which later will affect the sizing of whole equipments of the facility.
Similarly happens here on designing a heat exchanger where there couple of physical properties needed if the pure components not available for the streams that being studied to design or rating the heat exchanger. As goes as characterizing the crude, the right properties at right condition need to be taken or be available when keying in the data into the simulation tool (HTRI, HEXTRAN, etc.)

There are about four physical properties necessary when designing the heat exchangers which are specific heat, viscosity, thermal conductivity, and density. All these physical properties need to be taken for two different conditions. In addition, the referred conditions must be giving the range of the temperatures of the initial temperatures and targeted temperatures. This is very crucial because of the extrapolation will be done in between the range provided or else the result can be challenged because of the consistency error.

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