Tuesday, March 31, 2009

GA Drawing

GA sounds like GH but here is General Assembly which is very important when designing plot plan. This GA drawing is basically a product from plot plan design. This GA drawing will be used from the beginning of the plant/platform until infinite. This is because of the necessity as guidance for space availability. From this GA drawing most of area related to design need to be considered such as pipe rack coordination, pump location, maintainability, equipment installation, hydraulic calculation, etc.

The pipe racks really important when designing the piping route which really dependent to GA drawing which eventually will dictate overall of the process stream. This is because of the products processed are being transported through piping from one unit to another unit (processing area or storage). Besides, this GA will give some idea on the restriction area to be routed such as road access which will affect to the safety and end up with lost time injury, LTI. As everyone aware, nobody wants LTI to be recorded to show the credibility of the company.

This GA drawing will assist a lot in term of pump installation when taking into consideration of the net suction positive head. An engineer can know some idea on the location to be located when deciding the new pump during any expansion.

In addition, this GA drawing also can be used for the preparation of both owner and contractor when planning for maintenance works. This is really crucial when the works need some cranes or fork-lift which is commonly used during the maintenance work usually during turn-around. Besides this machinery they are also some other considerations need to be taken into account. For example, space availability for cleaning any tube bundle which is really common thing to happen during turn-around.

As highlighted for pump installation it goes similarly for new equipment to be installed when new expansion or initiative implemented. This is again will dictate to identify the area where the equipment to be installed before verifying it at site. This will also tell whether the equipment to be installed to be totally new big equipment or just a baby equipment to cater additional capacity. The space availability sometimes can control the design of the equipment for expansion.GA drawing will give the dimension of the distance and the size of the equipments (length and width) which actually can be used for hydraulic calculation as a rough estimation to make judgment on the routing the piping or installing the new equipment.

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