Friday, July 3, 2009

Alternative Energy

Everyday people in every corner in the world are talking about alternative energy or renewable energy. This is not something that people not realize of it but more viability of develop it. This is because of the current situation with availability of fossil fuel, every one chasing to produce oil and gas. The demand also increases as the oil and gas not only used for fuel purpose but also for other derivative products from these oil and gas. All these derivative products are being used everywhere starting from small baby to variation of age of people. We might not really realize on this if not really dealing with petrochemicals where all these oil and gas based products are produced.

Demand for fuel is keep on increasing from time to time, country to country, etc. This is because of the world circumstances where everyone all over the world is utilizing the fuel. We might see in last 15 years, all Chinese in China are using bicycle to move around and very few using cars or bikes. In those days, America is the largest importer and user of oil compared to other region. Recently, off shoring of job is being practiced everywhere to cheaper place. From there everyone starts realizing the important of urbanization and higher living style. Nowadays everyone competing to reach the highest living style which give better lifestyle and sometime not necessarily. So, as the demand increases from time to time and the source is kept on depleting, there must be something to be done to cater energy demand in future.

As the demand increases, everyone is talking about alternative or renewable energy. Sometimes is not really works if the big player such as Shell, Exxon, PETRONAS, Chevron, etc really keen to invent in this alternative energy. However, it can be seen that some of the country still using some of alternative energy for very minor application. Alternative energy like wood, animal dunk, wastes, etc are still being used but not really in commercial scale. For example in India, people quite often use animal dunk as a fuel for many applications.

So, it’s again depending upon the initiative taken by anybody to fully utilize the sources. The direct gas such flaring always has been an issue to come out with zero flaring. However, this is something that very subjective to the law. This is because of the viability of the process with current sources. So, the only way is that by enforcing the law to the operating company to come out zero flaring. For time being this initiative is only considered to produce money rather than comply with obligation of zero flaring. Same goes to waste management in landfill whereby the methane produced is simply flared or vented to atmosphere. This can be monetized if waste management company willing to take initiative to use it as fuel source.

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