Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Competitive World

Everyone are competing to be the best and the first in supplying goods, equipments, services, consultancies, etc. In this competitiveness, the end user is the one will benefit. Everyone is competing everywhere in getting job and satisfy the customer. Even not going into detail engineering world, competitiveness can be seen in retail industry where the products are high demand if economical and quality. So, from this competitiveness, grow the innovation where the research is being done to improve the quality compared to existing technology.

Starting from small items such as chemicals for treating until very proprietary processes, there are very huge competitions to get the customer. Those days, it’s very hard to get any licensor for any particular niche technology but today the similar process technology with innovated technology can be found anywhere. Again the customer will get the benefit in getting the best product in market.

Sometimes the customer or the plant owner needs to perform study properly so that the ultimate objective can be achieved. This is basically to avoid any losses to the production as highlighted in previous article which caused losses of diesel due to jellying.

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